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Paths of Power: A Sourcebook of Base and Prestige Classes

Author: Sean O'Connor & Patricia Willenborg; Publisher: 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming

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Up for auction is a rare, 3rd party publisher sourcebook for the Pathfinder (1e) roleplaying game. Paths of Power: A Sourcebook of Base and Prestige Classes was written by Sean O'Connor & Patricia Willenborg, with Connie Thomson and Robert Thomson and published in 2009 by 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming. 

The book is in good condition with only minor shelf wear (see photos).

From the back cover:


Few things serve to define a character as much as their class does. A character's class is more than what they do, it's who they are. It is a reflection of the character's beliefs and what they hold dear, and explains why they do much of what they do. It serves them as their profession or vocation in life. Sometimes a character is drawn to a specific class because of their beliefs; sometimes they mold their attitudes to fit the class they have chosen. Either way, nothing represents a character quite like their class does.

Just as we in the real world can choose from many different paths in our lives, so should our characters. Go beyond the standard options with Paths of Power.

Paths of Power details five new base classes (Anti-paladin, Gladiator, Samurai, Voyageur & Witch), three prestige classes (Child of Bast, Crypt Stalker & Envenomed), and four class options for player characters (Air, Earth, Fire & Water Elementalist "Schools" for Wizards). Also included are three classes that are designed specifically for non-player characters, but that can be used for player characters as well (Captain, Courtesan & Sycophant).

There are new feats and skills for the classes and class options, as well as spell lists and new spells for the spellcasting classes. New equipment and magic items unique to some of the classes are included. Characters with the same class tend to gravitate toward each other and work together - a number of organizations that members of the new classes might belong to are outlined as well.

With both PC and NPC options, Paths of Power will be a wonderful asset for players and Game Masters alike!

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